Winning. The 'micro' way.

Please don't attempt to wrestle with King Kong! He is just to big and strong. There is no chance of winning. The only way win is to get him on your side.

I want to get fit. I want to learn a new language. I want to connect with people better. I want to start writing. I want to climb a mountain. I want to meditate everyday. But there is an enemy. You know who? No, it's not Voldemort. My enemy is my own brain. My brain starts talking against me. It tells me I can’t.

We went for a hill trek to a fort called Sinhagad a few days ago. I met a 77 year old gentleman who completed the trek in less time than most of the 17 year olds in our group. We spoke. He told me his trekking part just ‘left’ a few years ago. He had passed away at the age of 97. But, he told me his partner trekked up with him even at the age of 97! I couldn’t believe what he was saying.

And then he said something I will never forget for the rest of my life. He said if you want to start climbing, first start by climbing one flight of stairs everyday. Every single day. The thing is that your brain won’t resist. It will say ‘Oh just one flight, its no big deal’. In a few days something brilliant will happen. You brain will start saying, ‘Dude, you can easily do one more.’ When that happens, go and do two flights of stairs. Then do that everyday until the day comes when your brain says ‘Easy! One more!’.

My brain has to start believing more is possible. It’s like King Kong. I’ll wait for it to get on your side. Then I’ll progress in tiny steps. Micro.

What the brain does’t resist is easy to do regularly. When I do it regularly it becomes a habit. It becomes ‘automatic’ behaviour. No decision is needed on my part ‘whether to do or not to do’. Then I can slowly increase the time and intensity!

Here are some examples of micro habits that make winners, winners.

Want to start running? Start with a 5 min run everyday.
Want to write a blog? Start by writing 50 words everyday.
Want to learn a language? Start with one new word everyday.
Want to build strength? Start by doing one push-up everyday.
Want to learn to play an instrument? Start with a few notes everyday.
Want to be happy? Start by thinking one thought of gratitude everyday.
Want to build relationships? Start by appreciating one person everyday.
Want peace of mind? Start by 5 minutes of sitting still and breathing properly everyday.

Here are the things I've been thinking of starting but not done yet. Im starting today
  1. Cartooning - going to restart drawing one cartoon everyday
  2. Dancing - going to dance for 5 minutes with my kids everyday 😃
  3. Gratitude - going to spend just five minutes writing about something I feel gratitude for everyday

I'm super excited about my new micro habits!