Your prayers are needed.

Prayers are needed. Prayers that soften the hardness and harshness that I've allowed myself to learn from the ways of the world.

Tears are needed. Tears that wash away the dirt of insensitivity that I've let myself use as a shield to protect myself.

I was sitting with my friend on the wall by the road. We were sketching. We do that every now and then, just go out and paint something. A little girl of barely five walked up to us asking for some money. I looked at her and asked her if she'd like to sketch with us.

We gave her a paper and some colours and she began drawing.
I gave her a little dignity. She gave me my innocence.
Times are tough my dear friends. We must allow our hearts to soften a little. We must allow ourselves to shed a few tears. We must do what we can. We must not compare. We must keep smiling.

This is a salute to the many amazing people who are out there volunteering, coordinating, raising funds, supporting those who they can. You are beautiful and brave souls. We need you.

But even if you cannot do all that, we need you. We must all allow ourselves to soften and share our prayers with the world. We must send out waves of our energy and love into the universe. We must. It makes a difference. It makes a big difference.

Thank you for reading and for sharing your prayers.