My weekly letter - Eat. Play. Love.

In a world where there is already enough information bombarding us from every direction, I have wondered whether I should be adding more to the gazillion sources of distraction we already have.

But then it hit me that the way to make sense of the madness is never going to be to reduce the number of information sources. Technology is here to stay, more information is here to stay, more distraction is here to stay, even more noise is here to say. We can't shut it down.

What we need is to learn to quieten our senses. We need to find a way to slow down our mental chatter. We need to find ourselves and then lose ourselves in what we found.

Ultimately every effort we make in life is to find a little bit of joy, a little bit of peace and lots of love - for ourselves, and for some others.

The ultimate reward for our struggle is good food, good fun and real, unconditional love. This will never change, no matter how much progress and how much technology.

But why do we have to go through the entire drama to get to the ultimate rewards only at the end of it all?

Why can't we skip right to it?

An old fakir was lying under the tree and soaking in the moment. When Alexander the great told him, come with me and I will give you everything you want in life, he replied "but I already have everything I want".

I can have everything I want right here, right now. And yet I can dream and dare and do things in the world of action. It need not be a trade-off between peace and action.

Keeping this in mind, I am starting a weekly letter - Eat. Play. Love. These are all the things I care about. Let's see what I am able to do with these thoughts.

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I'll keep writing something here every Sunday, but I'm also going to do the letter every Thursday. Hope to see you there too!