I like staring at my own creation!

Dhyann is obsessed with Lego. He just completed a set of 2200 pieces gifted to him by my mother. He is just six, but the age recommendation on the box was age 16+. He was nervous. He told me several times "Papa, I told you we should not have bought this set. It's too tough for me." He kept asking for my help. But whenever I attempted helping him, I would find him resisting me. I backed off. I realised that he doesn't need me to do anything. What he really needs is just needs my presence and bits of my undistracted attention. In fact, me telling him what to do actually works negatively. It demotivates him.
I don't want anyone to help me by solving my problems. It makes me doubt myself. I just need my loved ones to listen to me, make an effort to understand me, not judge me, just be around me when I need, and sometimes challenge me. That increases my self belief like nothing else.
He finally completed the project. It was 99% his own effort. It is a two storeyed building, with a mens saloon, a pool parlour, a detectives office and a bakery. There are intricate details in the exteriors and interiors of the structure.
It was time for dinner. We called him to the table. He brought his masterpiece and kept it on the shelf in front of the table. I asked him why. He just replied "I like to stare at my creation."
I do too. I like browsing my own blog. I like flipping through my own drawings. I like being surrounded by all the books I have read. I like 'staring' at my own creations. They are my 'body of work’. I love seeing the photographs of all the yummy dishes I have cooked. My creations are the proof of my bits of my life that I have invested in these works. They make me feel good. They make me believe I'm worth it. They make me want to create more! I am going to keep building my 'body of work'.