Letter No 18 - Worth the wait

I was supposed to reach for lunch. I had called half an hour ago and said that it would take me 30 to 40 minutes. Road sense is not one of my biggest strengths, I have to admit. I took a wrong turn and ended up losing almost 20 minutes. It was way beyond lunch and I told my them to go ahead and eat.

When I rang the doorbell and went in, both of my friends were sitting on the table and waiting for me. They hadn't started eating. They looked hungry but they chose to wait. It felt good that they didn't and without wasting another moment, we dove into the yummy food on the table.

Waiting is a beautiful thing.


Waiting is love. A soon to be mother patiently waits 9 months for the day of her delivery, when she'll be able to hold her baby.

Waiting is fun. Kids wait eagerly every year for Santa to get them gifts on Christmas.

Waiting is creativity. When an artist waits for a layer of color to dry so that she can apply the next layer, waiting is creativity.

Waiting is strength. When a leader waits patiently for her team to be ready to accept the next challenge, waiting is strength.

Waiting is intelligence. When a scientist waits for the amount of time needed for the reaction to take plain, waiting is intelligence.

Waiting makes some things worthwhile. When we fall in love with someone, we feel complete with the feeling "he/she were worth the wait".

What are you waiting for?


The wait is that period of time when you are waiting.

The wait is an opportunity.

An opportunity to create.

When we wait for our turn at a movie queue it feels like time is wasted, and thus came to the rescue "book my show"

When we don't know the route to someone's place, asking every random person on the street for direction feels like time is wasted. And then came "google maps"

When we have to look for auto rickshaws on the street just to get rejected by them, it feels like a waste of time. "Ola/Uber" came in just at the right time.

The wait is an opportunity to play, to explore and to know yourself.


There is a difference between waiting and wasting!

Waste is when you allow the wait to feel like drudgery.

Waste is when you don't feel the beauty of the moment.

Waste is when you are anxious of fearful of whether the wait will be meaningful.

Waste is when you give up.

Waste is when you don't grab the opportunity to create something, or to create yourself, like we at The Enterprise India Fellowship like to say.


Here are something things I believe you should not wait for!

1 - Don't wait for people to appreciate you. Appreciate yourself.

2 - Don't wait for door to open for you. Open them yourself.

3 - Don't wait for be perfect. Put your work out there.

4 - Don't wait for the world to be fair. Ask for what you need, and give what you can.

5 - Don't wait for school or college to teach you what you need to know. Create yourself.

Here are some things that I believe are worth waiting for...

1 - Wait for the right kind of people to come into your life. They will.

2 - Wait for mastery to happen. Keep practising.

3 - Wait to find the right decisions for your career. Until then trust and explore.

4 - Wait for healing to happen. It won't happen by force.

5 - Wait till you feel like it. And use that wait wisely.


Here's a movie recommendation for this week!

My neighbour Tororo - It's an old Japanese anime movie about two sisters living with their dad, waiting for their mom to come back from the hospital. The sisters can wallow in self pity as every day goes by, cleaning, cooking and waiting for their mom, or they can truly enjoy and create experiences to share with their mom when she comes back.

The chose the latter 🙂

Whether you're 18 or 80, this movie will bring you a smile and would make you want to LIVE while you wait.